Ways I can legitimately promote blog entries regarding divorce in CA?
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I am writing decent articles for a lawyer's web site blog regarding all topics surrounding divorce, family law, child custody, parenting during divorce, and all sorts of related topics. I post these articles on his facebook page and boost them, but that has not generated much interaction. How can I legitimately promote (not spam!) these articles? If you know of any places, specific subreddits, or facebook groups where these links would be welcome, please share!
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Question: how are you defining interaction? What kind of stats are your Insights and ad reports giving you?

You are not going to get comments. All you care about is article clicks and page likes/follows.
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You can also post them to Twitter.
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Make sure they're accessible via LinkedIn. That can increase your hits.
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Here are some issues:
- People use a divorce lawyer for a specific period of time and then, more likely than not, end communication with them. Thus, following a divorce lawyer on social media to keep up with information doesn't make a lot of sense.
- People, for the most part, find divorce lawyers through word of mouth and the divorce lawyer's social media presence has little to no effect on the decision to hire.
- When people information seek about things related to divorce, they may stumble across that particular divorce lawyer's blog to get that information, but it is more like that they will information seek via Google rather than social media. You'd be better to focus on search engine optimization as well as localized Google ads in your local area.
- Information about law is so localized that people may discount information that comes from someone outside of their county or state.
- People are hesitant to broadcast the fact that they are considering divorce or have divorced. Following a divorce attorney on social media draws attention to this, so people probably wouldn't do it.
- People would be even less likely to comment on such posts because they not want to out themselves or share information about their own case that may put them in jeopardy.

I'd think about what the goal of these blog posts is (I assume acquiring new clients) and how people may come to that page. Again, I seriously doubt that social media is the right path here.
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Are you targeting the FB boosted posts/ads? Look for people following separation and divorce support pages. That said, I think Linked in or Google Adwords would be richer sources for you.
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I think k8t makes a bunch of excellent points—this isn't the kind of thing people would typically share/spread publicly even if it were just a blog post that existed for its own sake, rather than a blog post connected to a particular lawyer.

Random thought: Have you tried ebooks? You might have better luck being the top free/Prime unlimited ebook on getting divorced in CA than you will being on the first Google results page.
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The attorney should be a member of various professional Linkedin groups, post them there.
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