Help me find some heeled black ankle boots that fit my (10.5M) feet?
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I'm looking for an affordable, somewhat androgynous black ankle/chelsea boot with a 1.5-2inch heel that will fit my 10.5M-sized feet. Help?

I'm open to wearing "men's" or "women's" shoes, but I usually wear a 10.5M, which (I think) is around a 12F. In terms of style, something along the lines of this, this, this, or this is what I'm hoping for.

I'd like to pay in the $50-$100 range if possible, but it doesn't seem like this style has tricked down to men's fast fashion yet, as far as I can see. More looking for links to specific shoes in my size as opposed to suggestions for where to search for shoes generally, but any help would be appreciated!
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Fluevogs (pricey but will last a lifetime)
Lots of options here.
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I wear a lot of boots of that style, and I'm a big fan of Born shoes. They're a little more expensive than your price range (for example, I see a few styles similar to the ones you linked to in their sale section, for about $110-120), but on the plus side, they are extremely comfortable and very well-made.
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10.5M is closer to a 13F. I'd try Long Tall Sally or Nordateoms both of which have boots just like the ones you want in sizes 10-15F.
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Seconding the Fluevogs. I have their Cairo boots and they have outlasted other cheaper pairs and still look as beautiful as the day I got them.
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Searching "chelsea" on zappos w/ "men", "black" and "under$100" produces a handful of results. Some are more masculine than others (< look at this one I think you might like it). Surprisingly, though, the men's section has way more of what you're looking for rather than the women's section pared down to size 12-13.
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I have black Nina booties from Bass. They were about 50 dollars from their outlet factory store.
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If you have a Nordstrom Rack near you, I would give it a try.
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I'm not sure if a men's chelsea boot is quite the style you're looking for, but here is one such option: the Duke from Thursday Boots ($199). In stock in 10.5M.
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There are lots of options in the women's section of Nordstrom filtered for 12/bootie or boot/black, mostly over $100 but not all by any means.
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Sounds like you want a higher heel than shoes marketed to men have. Of the chelsea style boots at in your size, I think this one is the closest to what meets your needs. It hits the price point, but the heel looks lower than the examples you gave. It's also pretty masculine if that matters.
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My feet are 10.5M / 12F / 43 Euro and I have had very good luck with size 12 sandals, shoes and boots from Nine West. Not seeing a size 12 boot of that style from Nine West at Zappos, and it may be worth looking for this one in size 12 from another source.
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