Adding a commerce page to a Hubspot website
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Has anyone integrated an eCommerce platform into your Hubspot powered website? What platform do you recommend? Or what questions should I be asking as I research this?

Hubspot only integrates into 3 eCommerce platfroms, Shopify, BigCommerce and Magneto. I think I have been able to elimante Shopify. Our online shop is targeting 30-50 sales a month, we don't have inventory, each item is custom made, and I'm not sure yet if we need it to tap into our business system. Anyone have any experience with integrating an online shop with a Hubspot based site? Any recommendations of the three platforms Hubspot integrates with?

I have no experience in this type of project, what kinds of questions should I be asking as I do my research?

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I'm not sure why you're eliminating Shopify. It is easy enough to use, it doesn't matter how many sales a month you do. Both BigCommerce and Magento are equivalent.

Additionally it seems like you're making this needlessly complex. There isn't anything Hubspot does that Shopify doesn't do, so why would you not just move everything to Shopify?
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If you're small and don't have inventory or complex needs, Magento will probably be overkill (plus you have to do your own hosting, probably hire a developer, etc.). Bigcommerce and Shopify are probably your best bets. They also have a lot of plugins and add-ons that are super easy to connect via API.

Same question as DarlingBri: why not just switch over to Shopify or another platform entirely?
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