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I love Home Organizing, House Keeping and Home decorating videos and blogs. I also like, food storage, prepping, growing your own food & homesteading blogs. Having them running really motivates me to get off the computer & get things done, unfortunately they seem to be predominately very Christian based, often have political leanings I don't agree with and seem to be more about organizing your life around your children and/or church. I need suggestions for YouTube channels & blogs on these subjects for the childless heathen.

Now I don't care if the people running them are Christian, Buddhist, hippies or whatever and I love kids, but what I want is for them to feel inclusive ie not completely focused on these aspects of their lives. Too many of them assume everyone watching has exactly the same life style & beliefs as them so they'll be tips for memorizing scriptures or bible quotes & fitting in bible study or 300 tips for organizing sippy cups & what not stuff I am starting to find a little annoying.

One of my favorite vlogs is run by a lovely Mormon lady who has 4 kids but she works very hard on being inclusive to everyone and never seems to assume her audience is only other Mormon mothers. (She's In Her Apron if anyone is interested). So again it's that inclusiveness I'm after I would also prefer where they don't try & pretend they are perfect all the time & don't have that fake high energy chipper behavior going on. I know these exist I have found a few but surely there are more out there.

Any & all suggestions appreciated.
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Best answer: Jolie Kerr would probably fit your bill. She's a very funny, down-to-earth, non-judgy cleaning expert (and hse sometimes veers into organizing and other types of home-keeping).

She's in a whole bunch of different places on the Internet. Right now she writes for Racked and Esquire, but she used to write for Jezebel and Deadspin, and prior to that on The Hairpin. She has a hilarious podcast (which is also technically part of Esquire). She doesn't have a YouTube channel, although she has done some random videos over the years, including one explaining how to fold a fucking fitted sheet.
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Unfuck Your Habitat:
Comes in flavors (website, Tumblr, android app, ios app, book) but no videos that I know of
Is inclusive of people with disabilities
Not religious
Focuses on doing what you can
Discourages frenzy-cleaning
For humans with schedules and things to do

From the website:
There’s a weird sort of void in the “taking care of your physical surroundings” stuff, in the archaic “how to keep a home” and “how to be domestic” arenas. It tends to ignore single people, or people without kids, or students, or people with pets, or people with roommates, or people with full-time jobs, or classes, or other shit going on. It assumes everyone is married with kids and one partner is around a lot of the time, and has a lot of time to devote to “housekeeping.”

Well, we don’t all live that life.
Highly recommend checking out the welcome packet and UFYH Fundamentals
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Maybe Living Homegrown? It's a gardening/homesteading/lifestyle blog and podcast. I don't know if it fits the bill, because she can definitely assume that you're in the same place she is philosophically. I think it just bothers me less because as a liberal atheist, I am. She does a lot of canning and gardening advice. It usually gets me excited to try new things. Even if it's not something I'm up for (her newest podcast is on raising ducks) it's still pretty interesting. She occasionally talks about her kids, but it's never felt pushy.
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Best answer: This might be a little too obvious since it's well-known, but if you're not already familar with it, Design*Sponge is a sprawling website that has some great organizing/food/gardening/DIY guides. It's run by a queer woman and though it can be unwieldy because it's become so well-known, it has a very accessible, welcoming vibe. I really like the 101 Guides and their "In the Kitchen With:" series, since it's a collection of guest writers who are reliably knowledgeable. Browsing through these might help you find other blogs along the lines of what you're looking for!
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It's not a blog but Martha Stewart has some home organization content and is not religious.
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Are you familiar with IHeartOrganizing? It's kinda kid-focused and a tidge too cutesy, but she has some great tips.
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I like Way Out West, no religion that I can ever remember, country life on a little farm in Ireland. They do some of the things you talk about.
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Best answer: From another childless liberal atheist who loves She's in Her Apron (wasn't sure about her at first but have grown to adore her honest and open ways and her recipes are super easy and seem great):

I feel like I could have written this question! I tell my children-ful friends and relatives how much I love these channels and they laugh but then also become hooked on them. Two others I enjoy are:

Knorpp and South - a Mormon family of 11 living on the road in an RV for the next year or so. These videos are hit and miss for me but I am charmed by their honest humor about their lives and each of the kids has an individual vlog episode about them that I found fascinating (five of their children are adopted). Lots of small-space living tips and stuff like that.

Alejandra Costello's Home Organizing channel - kind of the gold standard for organization and if my home could look 1/25th as put-together as hers, I would be ecstatic. But I just watch her videos until I get there.
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Best answer: Came here to rep Jolie Kerr, equally pleased and annoyed that I was so quickly and comprehensively beaten to it. She's good!
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Best answer: Clean My Space on YouTube. Videos focused on cleaning and organizing by a husband and wife team who own a cleaning business in TO.

Very engaging personalities, super positive vibe. They are childless, no idea on politics, and seemingly nominally Jew-ish? It's really focused on just housekeeping, so I don't know much about them despite being a subscriber for well over a year.

Definitely no fakey vibe. The woman openly admits she hates cleaning and tries to hack it so she can spend less time doing it. She is more entrepreneur and less homemaker.
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