Is my lipstick growing bacteria?
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I opened a rarely-used lipstick today and noticed little bumps on the sides - they look like the bacterial colonies we used to grow on plates back in microbiology classes, hence my question.

Picture here. I've never seen this on my other lipsticks and I don't know much about makeup - is this something it commonly does, say, in warm weather, or if the chemicals start to break down?
Is it safe to eat use?
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Lipstick is typically pigments and fats emulsified in wax. This mixture can sometimes separate, where certain components start to lose out. I think that may be the case here.
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julthumbscrew has it; it is the wax sweating.
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Yeah, if it were bacterial growth, you'd expect it to be appearing where the stick had been in contact with human skin, at the tip. Here, the bumps are on the (factory-smooth)sides of the stick, which has most likely never been in contact with anything that could have inoculated it with bacteria. It's got to be the wax sweating.
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Googling says to toss an opened lipstick after a year.
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It's probably not going to make you sick if you put it on, but he texture and application may have deteriorated. I recently threw out a couple old lipsticks that looked fine but were unusably skippy and uneven when I swatched them.
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Thanks, that makes sense as it has been quite hot here and this lipstick is probably more than a year old!
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Fwiw old chocolates sometime have a similar sweating/separation. They also will be fine safetywise, but have a less good texture.
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If I wore lipstick and saw those bumps, I'd just knock them off and keep using the lipstick.
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Does it smell bad? I'd use it if it does not. Especially if it is a lipstick you really like. If you are worried you can dip it in 70% alcohol and let it dry before you use it.
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You know how some old ladies have that weird lipstick on that isn't a solid colour but streaky? It just makes them look older?
Old lipstick looks like that. Toss it.
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If you want to try to keep wearing it, you can spray it down with rubbing alcohol and wipe the top 'melty' layer off with a clean tissue. Not perfectly sanitary but I do this with some of my expensive lipsticks and get another three to six months out of them before I let them go. I know I technically shouldn't but I paid over fifty dollars for some of these!
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