Smoking on P & O cruises in Australia
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Thinking of taking P & O cruise from Australia to Vanuatu/Islands, on Pacific Dawn. I know the website states not rooms and balconies and smoking areas are available but was wondering if anyone had more info?

Hi All, new to cruising and the family of thinking of testing the waters with a P & O cruise from Australia to Vanuatu, we have a couple of smokers in the group and where wondering if anyone had up-to-date information on the current smoking areas on the Pacific Dawn? Thanks
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Have you looked at the Cruise Critic forums? Those people have taken every cruise known to mankind, multiple times.
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Hi. I've taken two cruises from Sydney, and my mother is a veteran cruiser. She goes on 2-3 a year. Every cruise has had smoking areas. There is always a section of deck away from others that allows smoking (like an upstairs open deck) and another section in a busy/central area like right next to the main pool (eg one side will be smoking & other side not). This one will be at least partially covered, both cruises I've been on (not P&O) had huge covered areas for smokers.

Plus, onboard cigarettes are super cheap.

IME, all cruises are smoker friendly.
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