What movie about the Manhattan Project did I watch?
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I recall a film about nuclear testing. The only detail I can remember of the film is this: when the protagonist arrives in the story, he is told about what levels of radiation the Army has determined are safe for exposure. At the end of the film, the protagonist hears a new group being told a much, much higher number.

Is this enough for anyone to help me identify the film?
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Could it be Fat Man and Little Boy?
posted by pazazygeek at 3:39 PM on January 13, 2017

Nightbreaker? A 1989 tv movie with Martin Sheen?
posted by Aquifer at 6:50 PM on January 13, 2017

Manhattan? Not a film — ensemble cast drama series.
posted by mon-ma-tron at 9:47 PM on January 13, 2017

Do you remember if it was a fictional story, or a documentary?
posted by yohko at 12:30 AM on January 14, 2017

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