Will our vinyl floor kill us?
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We're remodeling our basement, and the contractor is recommending we use this flooring product. It looks like it would solve a lot of basement flooring issues, but I'm concerned about some of the chemical components, including PVC. Here is the product information sheet. Assuming we're not intending to eat off of the floor, is the PVC (or other components) a problem? One of the benefits of the product is that it require very little to no gluing, so VOCs from glue shouldn't be a issue. TIA!
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I'm not sure why you're concerned about PVC - most modern water lines are made out of PVC. Unless you're planning on actually -eating- the flooring, I think it'll be fine, even to eat off of.
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Can you speak more about what precisely you're concerned about with the particular PVC that is being used in this product?

Because if the water pipes in your house are white, they are PVC. (on preview, what jferg said)

Anyways, this article from Mother Earth News seems reasonably balanced (though I do not have the expertise to critique the science on either side), and the conclusion that I take from it is that modern PVC, when it is not being made or being burned is harmless.
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Mostly drain lines are PVC, supply lines are copper or PEX which is a different sort of plastic. I wouldn't be too concerned, though. Unless you're going to sand it or grind it or otherwise disturb it you'll be fine.
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Where I live lots of supply lines are PVC and drain lines are ALL ABS. So it depends.

But yeah, to answer the specific question the OP asks: No, this material is not going to kill you.
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Vinyl doesn't offgas a whole lot, but it is toxic to produce and not recycleable. If this matters to you, cork is a sustainable alternative, but may need glue. Vinyl floors are quite cool underfoot, cork is warmer underfoot in winter. My kitchen floor is freezing in winter, one of these days, I'll install cork.
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