Only Sort of Leaving Academia? Affiliate Research Professor?
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My husband just got a job offer that we can't refuse. I am a tenured professor in the arts at a large state doctoral research institution. We really have to move. My husband's new job will cover both our salaries and then some...we will be close to family and in a much better city.

Honestly, I am happy to leave teaching behind, but I love my research.

I would like to continue to apply for federal grants as a PI or Co-PI. How did you or someone you know negotiate with a university to become an affiliate research professor/professor of practice etc. Alternatively have you ever become a research professor at a university after tenure (that is to say you negotiated a position through which you earned money only through your grants if you won them?)

I am in the arts, but I have won NSF funding and I am in the middle of a project for which I will likely be Co-PI for several largish grants (if I can work this out).

Thanks for your help.
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While there are a number of academics here, if you haven't posted this to the Chronicle forums, I'd recommend you do so as well. It's a larger targeted community.
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Can you keep your current affiliation? Do you need to be physically located at a university to keep your research active (eg require laboratory/workshop space)? If not, keeping your current affiliation would probably be the easiest course of action. If you are on good terms with your department head you could run the idea by him/her as a starting point.
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At many universities you can go on unpaid leave for one or two years with the option to return to your tenured position -- something to consider rather than resigning outright (if it comes to that).
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If you currently have a large grant that pays your salary (or part thereof), you can usually transfer the grant to another institution. You would just have to contact the HoD of the intended institution and ask if there is a way you can do that and be given some sort of "title" there. Then you might agree with them that they give you the title, space, and necessary resources so long as you keep getting grants. It is do-able, but they would make money out of the deal (the fatty layer of the grant), so you do have something to offer. Again though, this is probably workable only so long as you *currently* have a grant; if so, read the fine-print to see if it transferable, both from the grantor's perspective AND from your current university's perspective.
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Yep, come over and see us at the Chronicle of Higher Ed forums and ask.
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