Protecting car door from dings
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I got a new to me car and already put a ding on the door by opening it against neighbor's brick wall. I want to apply something to prevent this from happening again.

I bought a used Ford Edge and love it. The body is in excellent condition, well, it was until I opened the door and put a ding in the finish by hitting the brick on neighbor's house (our houses are very close together). On my old car I put some clear stripping that had glue in the center, it worked okay and held in place for me but I'm not sure I liked the way it looked.

I see a 3M tape product is available as well lots of strips similar to what I had on my old car. What do you use? Do you recommend it? Did it come off or pull finish off if you had to remove it? My old car was white and I used a clear strip, new car is black so I think clear may not be the best choice, maybe I should opt for a black strip?

Lastly it is a freezing high of 16 degrees around here now, next week is going to be up into the 40's, is that too cold to apply these kinds of products? I'll be doing it outdoors, no access to an indoor space to apply.
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Best answer: I use a plastic strip on my car that fits over the door edge, similar to this. It's been fine for nearly six years.
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My cars have Xpel paint protection film across the front, and also applied to the edges of the doors. If you find a place that installs Xpel, you might be able to get them to do just the door part for not much money. I'm not sure if you can buy the same stuff and apply it yourself.

Also, I don't think this would work in your situation (due to it being outside, and a neighbor's house), but for completeness I'll mention that I also have these inside my garage, which allows me to not worry about hitting the wall when getting in and out of the car.
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Response by poster: thanks, I used the plastic strips similar to what essexjam posted. I just wanted to make sure nobody said it would ruin the finish or there was some magical product I didn't know about.
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