Where can I get measuring spoons in bulk in Canada?
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I would like to buy 20 or so cheap 5ml measuring spoons that I can for example just leave in the baking powder container. Where can I get this in Toronto? Either a physical store or online are fine.

Most places I've checked online seem to offer only sets of 5 different sized spoons or require me to purchase 100 or more of them. Either of these options would result in too many unneeded spoons.
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Party City has measuring spoon baby/wedding shower favours you can get in different amounts (link). (I ended up with a few leftover sets, and it's super useful to have so many, agree! NB they're pretty cutesy, if you can ignore that. But exact, I checked.)
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25 for ~$27 CAD, shipped. Is $1 CAD/per cheap enough?
I plugged in the address for the Hyatt on King St to get an idea of shipping; should be close enough.
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Those scoops from daniel striped tiger's link are not 1 tsp when filled flush to the top, but with a line halfway up denoting 1 tsp - be sure you are OK with that.

I also found these and these searching for "open stock measuring spoon" in case that helps you search for a better price.
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I would try a Tap phong - don't know for they would have this, or maybe a restaurant supply co like this one on Bathurst.
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When I had a similar question, I was unable to find anywhere that would sell me JUST teaspoon and/or tablespoon measures at a reasonable price, including a couple of restaurant supply stores (I asked the managers, even, who had no leads for me). I ended up buying 3 sets at the dollar store and tossing everything but the sizes I wanted in my donation box, but I only wanted three sets; that does seem a bit more excessive for 20 sets.
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