What shouldn't we miss in Havana?
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We're a couple going to Havana for just three days in February. We are going by ourselves, not on a tour, so we want to make a list of interesting things to do, good restaurants, sites, and music venues (although we don't like to stay out very late, we love to hear music!).

Also, since we're going on a people-to-people license, so any recommendations for music, art, etc., that might involve the opportunity to converse with people (who might speak English, that is) much appreciated.
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Visit Conner Gorey at Cuba Libro. The place is frequented by Cubans interested in learning English. Highly recommended if you want to meet and talk to people. Take them some books (and condoms, really) to donate and you'll earn friends.

Also, Fusterlandia is a spectacle, but you may not get any p-to-p out of it.

Oddly enough, one of the best meals I ate in Cuba was at Nazdarovie, a Russian restaurant with an interesting backstory.
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Ivan Justo was our fav restaurant when we were there last year. Central location, try to get a table upstairs (reserve ahead if possible).

Otramanera was fantastic as well but a little out of the way (depends where you stay I guess).

now I want croquettas...
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Being in Key West, I go a lot and have since 2014. This a list of micro-suggestions I put together. Simple yet powerful, I endorse all of them.
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Visit the Camera Obscura right down in the old city. Great views of the city with good narration.
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