Where to buy a 110V to 230V transformer?
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I've recently moved to the US and I want to buy a voltage transformer, but Google isn't showing me reliable companies from which to buy this kind of equipment. Any recommendations of stores that will sell me a reliable and safe transformer ideally with a warranty?

I live in New York, in case that helps.
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Our PowerBright has run for the last eight years with no problems.
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I've been using a LiteFuze for the past few years that has worked pretty well. I think I ordered it off Amazon, but a quick Google search showed it available at some Wal-Marts as well. You can also try 220v appliance stores, here's one for example (I'm sure there's others in NYC as well).
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What kind of POWER (watts) load you need to supply through it makes a big difference. Supplying your average piece of consumer electronics is trivial and can be done for $30 (so who cares about warranty). Supplying anything with a big motor (vacuum cleaner) or with heating elements (high dryer) is going to cost more.
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We use these at work to run our 230V locomotive simulators. We have several, one of which has been running continuously for over a year
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I've used a step-up transformer like the one linked above, and it worked fine for my modest needs (powering a small UK guitar amp and a hi-fi in the USA).

They are kind of heavy and they suck up power even when not being used. It may be easier to replace your one or two things that are not multivoltage, if that's possible. For me it was an excuse to upgrade that stuff with newer multivoltage versions and ditch the transformer.
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