Where can I buy Toreta?
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I've been trying to track down a Japanese sports drink called Toreta! ever since I saw a character drink it in my favorite new Kdrama Goblin. It's sold out on Rakuten, and Amazon doesn't seem to carry it at all. Where could I order it from instead? Is it too new to be carried in Asian markets in the US? Thank you!
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Okay, so now I'm getting mixed search results on whether this is a Korean product originally or a Japanese-based one. Could that be why I'm having difficulty locating it? Amazon.jp doesn't carry it, but there isn't a South Korean Amazon as far as I can tell, either.
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FWIW it's likely Japanese in origin. The name is definitely Japanese (of course, it may also mean something in Korean, but I wouldn't know) and loosely translates as "Got it!" (implying you got your minerals, your hydration, your flavour, etc.). I think it came out last summer. Also, some people think it's a rip off of Suntory's "Green Dakara," which you can get here, if you don't manage to find Toreta! but would like to try something similar.
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You can make a special request to (occasionally NSFW) J-list.
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