Climate change advocacy in Canada
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Which advocacy groups are doing the most effective work on climate change in Canada?

I'm interested in donating money to, and potentially volunteering for, environmental organizations that are getting stuff done in this area -- e.g. successfully pressuring politicians, being listened to in regulatory reviews, and getting their message aired by the media. I know groups like Greenpeace,, and the Climate Action Network have Canadian branches, but I'm unsure how much work these groups are putting into specifically Canadian issues or how effectively they're operating in the Canadian political context. There may also be smaller, less well-known local or regional groups that are doing good work. I'm especially interested in groups with a presence in BC and Western Canada.
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International Institute for Sustainable Development (Winnipeg). As well as advocacy, these are the folks who run the Experimental Lakes Area.

Pembina Institute (Calgary)

Canadian Environmental Law Association

These are not neutral opinions. These are direct collaborators or groups that either I've worked with directly in the past, know from long association or have used their resources for very long periods (decades). This list is not exhaustive, but are the ones that I think do some of the most credible, fact- and science-based advocacy in the country today.
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The David Suzuki Foundation, maybe?
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On a very slow connexion so having problems linking, but my go-to for these sorts of questions should come up easily in Google -- a site called "Canadian Social Research Links."
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Thank you for the responses!
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