MIDI Source issues between controller and synth
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I’m very new to all this but I just got an Arturia Keystep controller. Its hooked up via MIDI to my Korg Monologue. On the Arturia my choice for sync are internal, USB, MIDI, and Sync IN. On the Monologue I have options for internal, USB, and MIDI. I want the controller to trigger the synth without triggering the synths built in sequence (use the sequence saved to the keystep) Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
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The quick and easy workaround is to clear the sequence on the monologue. The command might be shift+rest. It will temporarily clear the sequence, but it won't actually erase it unless you then save the patch/sequence.

You can tell the monologue to not listen to incoming MIDI, but I don't think you can tell it to listen to note signals but NOT the "start" message that is sent when you hit play on the keystep.

(This is all based on my experience with minilogue, I assume most of it is transferrable)
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Thats a good thing to know but I’m having trouble even getting them to talk. They are on the same MIDI channel, but when I press play on the key step nothing happens. Thanks.
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How are you connecting the two? You should be running a midi cable from the Beatstep' MIDI out jack to the Korg's MIDI in for starters. If you've already done that much and nothing happens, you'll need to consult their respective manuals and make sure the Arturia is sending/Korg receiving on the same channel.
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Ok sorry I don't know how the hell I missed your previous comment
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Can you get the keys on the key step to trigger notes on the synth? Are you sure there's a sequence programmed on the key step ready to go?

There also might be Tx/Rx settings on/off on either box, those should all be on for both units to send and receive.
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What happens when you hold down a key on the Monologue/Minilogue while a MIDI sequence rolls in from the Arturia? If that works, maybe you could work something out with the arp latch?
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