What's your favorite app for breaking news push alerts?
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NBC is unfortunately discontinuing the Breaking News app, which has great push alerts. What's the best replacement?

I'm looking for an app that:
- Has good judgement on what's breaking news
- Doesn't send promos
- Doesn't send duplicates
- Doesn't use pushes as teases to a web page
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I've been decently happy with the Qz app
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Reuters has a pretty amazing news app with well-categorized daily stories, frequent updates to the wire, and a never-annoying amount of push alerts. It's ad supported but ads are never pushed on you. I have found nothing to compare with it as a solid source of real news.
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Up until recently, I used the AP news app. It doesn't link you to more in-depth coverage in the notification, which is why I ultimately went with WaPo, which does. If that depth isn't important to you, though, the notifications are not constant, which is good, and they're ad-free (I never really used the app other than for the push notifications, so I don't know how the app itself is).
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The AP (Associated Press) iOS app mostly seems to alert me, quite promptly in relation to other outlets, on actual major news stories and not a lot of fluff (other than football scores of supposedly "big games" I don't care about).
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Also I have never gotten a promo or a duplicate from AP. Usually the "breaking news" alerts take me to their own front page in the app, as the story has often not yet been posted.

Full disclosure: close relative works for AP, so there's that.
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I'm pretty happy with the New York Times app breaking news alerts.
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AP app for iphone seems to be unavailable presently.
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The Washington Post app gives me the right amount of breaking news, and I think it's more functions for customizing preferences than I use too. (It certainly fits your 4 criteria.)
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The BuzzFeed News app allows you to customize alerts based on topic and the notifications themselves can typically stand on their own
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I'm in the same boat -- Breaking News was excellent and not bloated in size -- so I'm trying the AP app for now.
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