Shark quest in the south and midwest
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Where would I find an aquarium within a day's drive of Oklahoma City with large sharks? Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks has bull sharks, OKC Zoo has taken out their large shark display. I'm thinking something in Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, or points south and east. A weekend trip is possible. Thanks!
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How large is large? The Dallas World Aquarium has bonnethead and brown sharks.
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Locally it's bull sharks, maybe nurse sharks. I've seen lemon sharks and ragged-tooth (grey nurse or sand tiger) sharks, but that aquarium is no longer available. I'd love to see a tiger shark.
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I thought Shedd Aquarium in Chicago (12 hr drive) would work, but according to their website, most of their sharks are 3-7 ft long. They have 11 species of sharks there.
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Houston's aquarium has a shark exhibit... only catch is, it is a ride

"Shark Voyage

Hop aboard the C.P. Huntington train and take a ride through the center of a 200,000-gallon shark tank for an up-close view of a variety of shark species."

It stops briefly for maybe two minutes or so (I think), underneath the big shark tank. You can see a variety of sharks, and it is a decent view. You can get an all day pass to ride the train multiple times.

Also, tigers!! Not tiger sharks, just tigers. (heh, 'just tigers')


Corpus Christi has sharks, but I know nothing about it

(from the video, it seems to be mostly small sharks)

Also tour the USS LEXINGTON, a WW2 aircraft carrier!

Moody Gardens might be your best bet (but again, I don't know much about their exhibit)

Also tour the Lone Star Flight museum! Lots of cool and rare WW2 aircraft (I have a hobby)
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Mall of America in Minnesota?
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In the other direction, you could get to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta in 12 hours, which is the biggest in the world. It has whale sharks.
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It's at the outer limit of your driving window, but the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga has sand tigers.
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Yes, as a general aquarium fan I've been wanting to do the Georgia aquarium for a long time - I think it's the best total experience.

Omaha is 7 hours away and in addition to sharks is actually the best zoo I have ever been to - yes, in Omaha.
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Head west and you'll hit Albuquerque in about 8 hours, where the Albuquerque Aquarium and it's shark tank, which includes sand tigers, sandbar sharks, a tasseled wobbegong, blacktip sharks, nurse sharks and zebra sharks. It's a relatively small aquarium, where we spend between a half hour and an hour, but we have two little boys who have been there a number of times.

Unfortunately, Ray Troll's buzz saw shark exhibit is no longer at the NM Museum of Natural History & Science (more on Ray's obsession with the Helicoprion, previously on the blue), but it looks like their 2D or 3D film on Great White Sharks is still playing at the natural history museum, and it's fun. Plus, there are other great exhibits at the museum (that's currently the family favorite, thanks to the great dinosaur and prehistoric animal displays).
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About seven hours north of you, in Omaha, is the Henry Doorly Zoo with its shark tunnel.
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