Which wordpress version did the wordpresser install?
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Hi all. I love the look of this wordpress site. https://letsqueerthingsup.com What version/template of wordpress have they used? And/Or what is a very similar template I could use? For future reference, how could I work this out myself?
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It's Sela on the WordPress.com service. (You can also download Sela for DIY Wordpress setups.)
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For future reference, how could I work this out myself?

Dunno if there's a better way, but for wordpress.com you could right click > view page source > ctrl F for "Get theme:" and the theme is whatever is after the colon.
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You can use WP Theme Detector, which also tells you the plugins used, which are sometimes crucial to the look and feel of the site. For some reason, I'm getting an error message when I plug in the site you were wondering about. Maybe someone with more WP knowledge can explain that one. It usually works pretty dang good for me.
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echoing that it's definitely wordpress.com hosted, so if you wanted the same look do what eschatfische said.

You can pretty much tell a wordpress.com hosted site because there will be a banner at the bottom about hosting with wordpress.com. Exception may be certain of their paid versions where you pay extra to remove ads and such, but most users of this platform do not.

As for yet another tool to analyze what platform(s) sites are using, there is also wappalyzer.
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Sela, as already said -- 1.1.0-wpcom - so a special version for wordpress.com. In the comment block in the CSS:
"Sela is based on Underscores http://underscores.me/, (C) 2012-2016 Automattic, Inc.
Sela is a fork of Motif by WordPress.com http://wordpress.com/"
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