Latkes and tofu?
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Looking for vegan main dish to bring to a Hanukkah party. My go-to is lentil shepherd's pie, but that's too much potato as latkes will also be served. No mushrooms, please.
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Could you do a cauliflower mash as a sub for the potatoes?
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Seitan brisket.
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I've been to several vegan Jewish holiday feasts with vegan stuffed peppers, sometimes also with stuffed zucchini. It's delicious and maybe reminds people of traditional stuffed cabbage. (Which you could also do vegan.)
This is not the exact recipe I've had, but it's probably decent from Jamie Oliver.
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The leek and bean cassoulet in Veganomicon is awesome. This isn't an official source by via googling you can discover that various people have put the recipe online.
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I recently ate some curried sweet potatoes that were amazing with the latkes we had (my bf's family always combines Hanukkah & Thanksgiving, since we live in a different city than his parents).
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Madhur Jaffrey's Lake Palace Aubergine is the perfect thing to bring to a potluck buffet kind of thing. It goes with everything. I use olive oil when I make it.
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Do sweet potatoes count as potatoes? If not, I've been eyeing this recipe for lentil shepherd's pie with sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes for years, though I haven't gotten around to making it yet.
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Stuffed vegetables would be perfect, as suggested above. Stuffed peppers, or cabbage, or grape leaves can all be done vegan and delicious (use a tomatoey sauce.)
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What about ratatouille? I've been serving it again since that movie, and everyone just loves it.
It was the first dish I cooked for family all on my own and I have an irrational fondness for it, but it really seems the world is getting back to it.
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I made these roasted root vegetable cannelloni with romesco sauce a few days ago and they were delicious.
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Oh yeah, cabbage rolls stuffed with a combo of lentils, bulgur, some chopped nuts and dried fruit, simmered in a sweet and sour tomato sauce. So good!

I've made this a couple times and don't have a recipe, it's just like a little of this a little of that and tasting until delicious. I cooked the lentils in an onion-heavy vegetable broth and soaked the bulgur in the liquid remaining and seasoned to taste. For the nuts and fruit I've used some combination of almonds pecans pistachios hazelnuts apricots cranberries currants... All chopped up very little and enough so you get a couple in each bite but not overwhelming everything. I've used plain green cabbage but I like savoy cabbage better for rolls, not really sure why. Then the sauce is just pureed tomatoes plus lemon juice, sugar, vinegar, and S&P. Keep tasting and adjusting the sugar and sour levels as it simmers.

Since no longer having a vegan buddy to cook for locally I've made these with ground pork in place of the bulgur, heck yeah delicious, but not all that more yummy than the vegan version.
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Is dessert an option? Vegan sofganiyot? Basically, not fried in lard.
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Anything fried would be religiously + thematically appropriate. What about falafel with pita and hummus?
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I'm not crazy about it myself, but tzimmes is a Ashkenazi dish that's both wintery-feeling and traditionally vegan.
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Stuffed peppers or cabbage rolls are perfect! I can add plenty of protein and the veggies are a good foil for the starchy potatoes. Thanks everyone!
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