Your favorite project-based subscription boxes
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I'd like to ask for a few months of a project-based subscription box as a Christmas present and am looking for recommendations!

I'm not super artistic, but I love making things. So I think a project-based subscription box would be a fun treat, and would eliminate having to buy large packages of supplies that will never be used up.

I could go down either the crafty or the electronic-tinker-y road, but would prefer something that's not just paper and pens/paint. Not that artistic. I like biology, math, and engineering would love to be good enough at electronics to make little robot-y things. I'm also not opposed to something with a more feminine crafty slant.

I'm probably more looking to enjoy the process, but it would be nice to have an end product that's either genuinely decorative, somehow useful, or where the components could be repurposed in some way.

I've looked at some of the big subscription-box-compendiums, but would like to hear from anyone who's actually tried or seen them. Both recommendations and warnings for ones to stay away from are welcome!
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The Crafter's Box was mentioned on Elise Cripe's blog, and I think she's a pretty dependable source for quality recommendations.
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