Looking for a short story level up your starbucks skill
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I've been looking for this short story I read online - I'm pretty sure it was part of a collection linked from a mefi front page. Where there was multiple authors collected about how the future might be. Not necessarily dystopian.

The one particular story I am after is where a young adult had to run all over town and do odd jobs - retail shelve stacking, make coffee (starbucks possibly).

You had to bid for the work on a smart phone and you got credits and also leveled up your skills like some kind of online game. This allowed you to potentially set higher rates on future work. Where employers set short tasks.

Task rabbit on steroids. But essentially the whole economy was like this. Normally my google fu does not let me down. Hopefully the green can.

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Best answer: Zero-Hours?

(I asked the same question myself in a MeFi thread a while back)
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Could it be Maneki Neko?
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Response by poster: Yep! Zero Hours! Thank you!
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