what is the most wonderful-sounding kitchen timer?
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I need a new mechanical kitchen timer and would like one with a lovely, musical bell. Something that sounds better than a clatter or a buzzing. Ringing is ok, a single ding would be nice, too, so long as the bell is musical and wonderful.
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Assuming you have a cell phone, why not set the timer and choose the music you want?
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I do not want a cell phone app or electronic timer, thanks.
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While not mechanical, you might consider a meditation timer because of their lovely, musical bells.

Some examples which all feature timer functions are: the Now & Zen Alarm Clock - - (YT sound sample), the Now & Zen Timepiece - - (YT sound sample), and the Pearl Salubrion Enso - - (YT sound sample).
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I can't find out what the single chime sounds like, but the fact that it's described as a "chime" and it's a mechanical timer from 1 - 60 mins sounds ideal.

Mechanical Timer Single Chime 1-60 - Minutes
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Oh and I just saw it's unavailable, sorry.
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Here are some available ones.
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I've ordered two lux single-chime timers and both times they sent me a "Long Ring" timer.

Searching ebay for single chime timers, there are a lot of listings - and they have photos of the long-ring timer packaging.

The hunt continues!
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