Any rat-friendly homes open for the holidays?
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I am looking for a place to board my two pet rats, in the Boston area, from December 23rd to December 27th.

Most small-animal services I've found so far (Pet City Sitters, MSPCA, a few single-person services) are unfortunately already booked for the holiday season. My (sweet, friendly, adorable) girls need a daily feeding and -- hopefully -- some daily romp-around time. Like most pet rats, they are caged when not supervised.

I'm not looking for pet-sitters -- because of my current situation, I can't leave them at my house. I'm willing to drive them to to any place within a one hour-radius of Boston, but closer is definitely easier. Any suggestions?

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Oh gosh, if I was in the Boston area I'd do this in a heartbeat! Have you asked around on Facebook, friend groups, etc.? I imagine you can find a friend or friend-of-a-friend to help you out. You might also check with your veterinarian (or look around for a local small-animal vet, if you don't have a regular one). They may offer boarding or be able to refer you to other sitting services
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Are you on Nextdoor? This sounds like something you may find help with on Nextdoor.
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Mefi Jobs?
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I have great luck getting dogsitters on my local university's jobs board. Certainly one of Boston's quarter-million students wants to make a few bucks watching your rats for the holidays.
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Seconding MeFi jobs. I've had rat friends in the past, and I'm fairly local, and I'd offer if it weren't for my two untrustworthy cats and equally untrustworthy dog.
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