Petit fours in Boston area?
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A recent book has my partner wanting petit fours. I can find them online but I have no way of knowing the quality and would rather buy them from a bakery but I can't seem to find them anywhere. Does anyone know of a quality pastryshop/bakery that carries them?
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Not takeout, but you should take him to the Saturday Chocolate Bar at Cafe Fleuri. The menu changes every year, but a google image search will give you an idea. If he gets excited about petit fours this will blow his mind!
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In case you strike out: My family gets these every year and they are tasty. They are different from the locally made ones I've had in MPLS, which are larger, cakier mass produced tasting? But they are enjoyable and live up to billing. I'd say that if your partner is very gourmet in their interests these are probably not artisanal enough, but if you're just looking for tasty cakes made of wholesome ingredients, these are good.
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Have you checked with Flour? They make lovely pastries of all sorts. Konditor Meister is another likely place.
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Formaggio Kitchen has had them in the past for sure, and their stuff is always top notch quality. I recommend the Cambridge location.
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I'd check the New Paris Bakery in Brookline Village.
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Not sure if you consider this quality, but Whole Foods may have them - you could call them. They may also be able to make them for you if they do not have them currently.
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Yup, you want to go to Brookline for this. New Paris is good, and for my wife's bridal shower we used Party Favors in Coolidge Corner. In a pinch, the Whole Foods in Brighton (and the one in Dedham, and the one in JP, depending which way you're coming from) has them, and I've been pretty impressed by Whole Foods baked goods lately.
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