What grease/lube can I use to make my oven rack slide better?
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We have a relatively cheap oven model with a wire rack that slides into the oven against the porcelain walls of the oven; no bearings or anything. It's always stuck a little bit, pulling it in and out — but since we did a self-clean cycle last week, there seems to be even more friction. Is there a food-safe high-temperature grease or other lubricant that I can use to make the rack slide better?
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Have you checked to ensure there's no burnt char or rust that's causing the friction?
Has a coating worn away? My understanding is these racks aren't meant to be frequently removed.
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I do not know if this would work, but here's something that you may not know exists: graphite lubricant.
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Food-grade silicone spray maybe
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It's why appliance makers recommend removing the racks before self cleaning. This page has suggestions for relubricating the racks.
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I would remove them and wipe down the supports with a wet rag, then do the same with the bottoms of the tracks themselves. I'd also, per cecic's link, give them a rubbing with fine steel wool, followed by another wipe down with a rag.

I would hesitate to use vegetable oil or anything like that, however. Seems like something that gunk up the track, rather than make it behave like seasoned cast iron.
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Don't use Silicone, your oven can get above the breakdown temperature of Silicone. Don't use Graphite, you're going to have a really hard time finding something that's food safe.

I would wash the racks, maybe use a bit of steel wool to clean the rack slides, and put a thin coat of oil (canola or other cooking oil) on the racks. Set your oven to 325F wait an hour, let it cool down, and repeat a few times. Basically you're seasoning your oven racks like you would season a cast iron pan.
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If the above suggestions don't work, look for "food machinery grease." (After all, commercial ovens with rollers and latches and such need grease.) You can certainly get food-grade (USDA H1, incidental contact) greases that will work up past 800 degF, but you'll likely have trouble getting small amounts of them. Expect to buy a whole grease gun cartridge. :(
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