ISO a 26" tall table
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I need a table that's 26" tall, about 31-40" wide, with a minimum depth of 16", that I could get in Canada, ideally Toronto, ideally in a brick and mortar store, ideally tonight (or maybe tomorrow), for less than $120 CAD all in.

I use a laptop, and I think I'm done, done with trying to hack my way around the 30" height standard. I'm sick of messing around with lap desks or cutting boards and futzing with my chair. I don't have the skills or tools or space to make anything that's liveable around or at all attractive. Thank you.
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If you have access to an Ikea, these adjustable table legs go from about 23.5 - 35.5 inches. The smallest Ikea tabletop I could find to pair with them is this one, which is about 39.5x23.5 inches.

I have a larger version of this tabletop with non-adjustable legs and I'm very happy with it.
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You are amazing and fast. Thank you.
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I actually just bought mine a couple of weeks ago after some extensive Desk Searching, so I figured I'd pass the knowledge along
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I have and adore 2 of these adjustable height folding tables, which I have seen in WalMart in the US sometimes, I'm not sure about Canadian availability in stores. It may be too long for you, at 4', but it's just about right for a desk for me.
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I'll just chime in to say that the adjustable IKEA legs are about the only cheap and quick solution that I've found to this problem. Though I've personally switched to an old Steelcaseish rolling desk that I refurbished and put my own top on. But that took a lot of hunting to find.
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The Olov legs are perfect! I didn't end up getting a table top. (My wrist sucks - it's the reason for all this messing around - and all the options were too heavy or awkward for me to take on my own on transit. I also took personal offense at the home delivery charge.) Took the legs off an existing table (actually, my kitchen/dining table) and attached the legs to that. I did have to get shorter screws (5/8" were fine with my 7/8" table top). At this moment, my arms and wrists are finally in the place my physio wants them to be viz a viz everything else, and I am good to healthily go to use the laptop as a desktop (with the external monitor on a stand).

The table does seem oddly disproportionate in the context of the room, to look at, but it's completely worth it.

Thanks again, showbiz_liz!
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