Printing/framing a poster over the web for someone in Seattle
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I want to get an A1 poster printed and framed and delivered to someone in Seattle. I'm in another country. Does anyone have any recommendations for who to go with? I have a 275 meg Tiff and can also get a print ready pdf of appropriate resolution.
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I've used both Zazzle and AdroramaPix for this kind of thing (neither are in Seattle).

Lately, rather than getting posters printed and framed I've been getting them printed on metal plate; they're ready to hang and look really clean. The price is higher than just getting a print on paper, but the price is typically lower than getting a print on paper plus a frame.
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I've had good luck with Seattle's Moonphoto (though I don't know if they do the framing part, you may have to call and ask).
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Although this is not a perfect solution because they don't do framing themselves, Bellevue Fine Art does absolutely wonderful printing of digital sources (as well as amazing scanning of physical art). They do frameless mounting on MDF with your choice of edges which I have found to be very good but is not framing.

Scott Moore, the owner, is super knowledgeable and helpful and if you call him chances are good that he has a vendor available to do the framing and can take care of the whole thing. The business is set up in a house in Bellevue, WA just across the lake from Seattle. Their work is exceptional.
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I used Framebridge recently and was pleased by the results (and customer service). I sent in my poster to be framed, but you can also upload a file and have them print it for you.
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