Give me your favorite non-kitschy jigsaw puzzles.
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Looking for cool jigsaw puzzles, preferably 1000-2000 pieces and under $25. Trying to avoid Kinkadian landscapes and anything overly busy.

I've recently discovered Artifact Puzzles, and really love their style. (Examples: this Cheshire Cat; the Kraken; and this elephant.) The problem I'm finding with Artifact's puzzles is that most are fewer than 500 pieces, and fairly pricy. Are there similar puzzles out there with more pieces for less dollars?
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If there are famous artists you like, try looking for jigsaw puzzles of their work. For example, I can find several Salvador Dali puzzles that fit your criteria just by using Google.
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Pomegranate is my go-to brand. Like these Charley Harper options.
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Pomegranate has 117 puzzles with 1000 pieces.

You can also search their products by artist. It's pretty cool.
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I got my boyfriend a sweet Kozyndan puzzle a few years ago, they have one for $30 here
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Check your memail.
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Ravensburger has a lot of nicely detailed illustrated puzzles that I like.

Take my advice, do not attempt this puzzle. My daughter and I started it last night and after completing the sides (with difficulty) we are now just taking turns asking each other, "Why are we doing this?"
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I like this Smithsonian Hidden Object series:
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Check your local thrift stores! You can browse a generally large selection and get puzzles up to 2000 pieces for under $3. They may be missing a piece or two, but that's part of the fun. I am an avid puzzler, and thrift store puzzles have changed my life.
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