Can I add an audio/video source to my cable signal on coax?
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Short version: Want to piggy back the audio/video output of my receiver onto my cable TV signal. Long version: I want to take the output of my receiver which is in RCA plugs (2 audio, 1 video) and somehow put that onto coax that ALSO contains my basic cable channels. I'm sure I stumbled onto something like this while looking at home automation stuff months ago, but I'm not finding it now. Effectively what I want is to be able to put my receiver's output on channel 100 or something on my coax. This would allow me to split that coax and run it to other TV's in my house and have the output from the receiver available on any TV on channel 100, while still having the regular cable channels available as normal. This will allow me to play Xbox on any TV in my house with my wireless controller. I found this but it only puts the one signal onto coax, it doesn't add it to coax with an existing set of channels. Not what I want, but its the closest thing I've found. Is this even possible or am I dreaming that I have seen this before?
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Sounds like you need a modulator. Plenty to choose from at
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Perfect, thanks.
Now to find the most affordable one.
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Please let us know here if you find an affordable modulator.

I would love to have one for cheap. Looks like mono versions are $28 +$7 on ebay, but I don't think he will ship to Canada...

Stereo seems rare and expensive, and you must read the fine print carefully, because lots of modulators have stereo input but only modulate a mono signal.
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Target had one on sale last week/this week (sale ends today) for $16.49. It only modulates mono, as Chuckles mentioned.
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