Denver Hotel Recommendation
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I'm meeting up with my nephews for 2 nights in Denver. We need a hotel, with some specific requirements.

I'm 50, they're in their 20's. We're all non-Coloradoans. I'm in the role of the "cool uncle." They might have a friend or 2 along. We want to have a cheap hotel, with no reservation required, where we can park our vehicles, then walk to our planned entertainment destinations. Seedy hotels are fine, but I want us to be safe walking around.

Intended destinations include marijuana dispensaries, bars with good beer, decent food options, hopefully food trucks, and an adult bookstore or two.

I'm paying for it, and I'm not rich. They want to have fun, exploring things they can't do at home. I want us all to be safe.

It's OK to tell me my wish list is impossible to satisfy. The only requirement I'd be willing to reconsider is the hotel price. The entertainment options are kind of fixed.

Oh, almost forgot, this is for tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday nights.

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The Brown Palace is the best.
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I've stayed at the this la quinta inn. No idea about adult books stores, but it's walking distance to everything else on your list.
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Oh, also, not a hotel, but ... a lot of stuff happens on East Colfax Avenue.
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I love the Brown Palace but cheap, it ain't.
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Yeah, I'd recommend either that La Quinta or the Ramada on East Comfax. Both are cheap, with decent parking, and you can walk to things. Anything in downtown is going to be more expensive and parking can be a hassle.
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You'll have to take an uber or something to get there but some guys at a totally non-affiliated dispensary recommended the Blue Bonnet as the best Mexican food in town.

When we got there, we basically got asked if we got high and then came to have Mexican food. We had done just that and it was met with enthusiasm. It turns out the people that own the restaurant also own the dispensary across the street.The hotel we stayed at was...not cheap but most of it was paid for by my employer. They also had a deal to rent us a vaporizer for $25 per night. It was a truly magical place.
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You'll have to check if it fits your budget, but The Curtis hotel has a different theme on each floor (e.g. comic books, board games, etc.) and a free cookie/candy bar that runs around 8pm each night, I enjoyed my stay there, and the location was great.
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The Newhouse Hotel seems to check a lot of the boxes. It's right downtown off Colfax. It's a bit seedy but cheap. And has a real historic feel to it.
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Wow, there is some terrible advice here from the Brown Palace (one of the most expensive hotels in town) to the Blue Bonnet (mediocre Mexican food). You aren't going to find a reasonably priced hotel in downtown. I'd suggest checking out Air BnB.
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Years ago, I stayed at the 11th Avenue Hotel and Hostel in Denver. It was delightfully seedy (saw an ankle monitor on one of the guests), yet also felt clean and safe enough. Might be worth a try.
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The Bluebonnet is crap and the Brown Palace is lovely but expensive. The Ramada on East Colfax is probably the best bet for your requirements. There is also a weed-friendly "Holiday Chalet B&B" or something like that on Colfax.
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On preview, what fieldtrip said.
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