Suggestions for ways to play cards across distances?
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I have googled and installed like a fiend but have yet to find a solution for the problem of playing card games with someone remote. I've tried a number of the "cards with friends" apps but they've been either poorly designed or a pain in the ass to use. Any suggestions? App options need to work on iOS / Mac.
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1. Select a playing partner.

2. Each person uses their own real deck of playing cards.

3. Each person securely props their iPhone up such that the camera takes a full view of their own card playing surface.

4. Connect via FaceTime over WiFi.

5. Game on!
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Except how do you play any games that draw from a shared deck? I mean, I guess you could get a third party to randomize two decks in the exact same order and ship them out, but that seems like a lot of effort...

Something like Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia might have some way to set up games (or someone may have created them already). The apps typically don't do rules enforcement, but act more like a sandbox for the particular games rules.
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I would just use MSN games or Pogo games. Create your own room under the card game you like and play with your friend.
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If you're into Spades, Euchre, Hearts try Hardwood games. works great with apple products.
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Response by poster: I'm trying to play a mutant version of Crazy 8 Countdown, and I haven't seen it (or even Crazy 8s) listed on the game sites I've checked, so I was hoping some kind of virtual deck would be the best option.

I'm not familiar with Tabletop Simulator but it seems like it might work?
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Response by poster: I found something that works quite well, in case anyone finds this thread - the appropriately named “Deck of Cards” app.

The only issue I’ve run into is there’s no way to shuffle the deck during a game, so you have to manually flip all of the cards back over and mix them manually, but with two people doing it together it doesn’t take long.
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