Help with all the macbook pro dongles
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Can you help me find the right dongles for my new MB pro?

I just upgraded to the new macbook pro. Right now I own a 2013 Air and a 2009 Pro so they have all the ports I need/use. The new pro only has 4 thunderbolt/usb-c ports.

I've already purchased the USB-C → USB-A dongles. What are some others I should get?

I need one for my external monitor. I currently use the display port. What adapter do I get there? If I tried to use the HDMI port on the monitor, what adapter/cable do I get? Are there good multiport adapters?

I've heard that most 3rd party usb-c cables suck ( so I would appreciate any recommendations that you've tried.
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I'd suggest this.
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In general, I recommend Monoprice for cables.

For an all-in-one adapter box, you might want to hold out for this (which is a Thunderbolt 3 device, not USB-C, and can support more bandwidth, which is why it's more expensive), but in the meantime, this is a USB-C multiport adapter that will give you HDMI, ethernet, and a few USB-A connection.
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I have a Macbook (only port is a single USB-C), and I've been using this. 2 x USB-A, standard and micro memory cards, USB-C power in, ethernet and HDMI out. Works well for my needs, and it's even available in space grey to match the Macbook.
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This has some good links:

Connect with Thunderbolt 3 on your late-2016 MacBook Pro
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Best answer: All my questions were answered by this wirecutter thread:
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