Looking for ideas for a warm new year's getaway
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Wondering if anyone had any ideas/recommendations for a warm destination to go over New Year's?

My sister (25) and I (35) would like to take a trip, preferably somewhere warm, during her Christmas holidays. She's in a demanding school program, and hasn't had much of a break for a very long time. I'm looking at flights time off and we could both really use a break. I'm looking at flights and wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I realize this is an expensive time to travel but I wanted to see what's out there.

- Can fly out of either Toronto or Detroit (in Canada, but equidistant from both)
- Maybe for about a week? Somewhere in between Christmas and the second week of January
- The idea of a resort doesn't really appeal to me, but could to my sister. I'm more of a backpacker and quite happy with adventurous and barebones accommodation.
- We love the water - scuba, snorkelling

Wondering if anyone might have any suggestions that are a bit off the beaten path. I've been to New Orleans for New Year's and loved it. Probably looking outside the U.S. this time.

Thanks for any ideas!
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Many of your very wise compatriots will be heading to Cuba at that time of year. It ticks all of your boxes. You can leave after New Year's and stay for a week and the airfare is showing at $407CAN round trip on Skyscanner. You also have copious Air BnB options.

I would do this trip in a heartbeat!
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I've spent New Years in Mexico and and in Aruba before, and both are lovely.

In Mexico, Isla Mujeres may be just the right thing. It's a short ferry ride form Cancun but feels like a whole different world. Beautiful white sand beaches, snorkeling, and a mix of hostels and luxury hotels.
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We spent Christmas in Puerto Rico last year and had a great time. AirBnB options abound. The west coast around Rincon might appeal to you - although this is the high season for surfers.
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May be "last chance to see" type of thing...
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Thanks everyone, these are all great suggestions! esto-again, I spent a year in Australia and love the great barrier region and would love to go back -- will have to be on a longer trip though :)
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