Things To Do In Paris Over The Holidays?
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I will be in Paris for a week and some change between Christmas and New Years. I've been before so I know all the standard tourist spots- but I know the holiday season will mess up openings and closings so I'm interested in fun, interesting things and places ...that will be open. Ideally looking for performances, music, English-language theater, etc. I'll be traveling with a classical musician with a fondness for opera, so looking for things along those lines. Any seasonally specific events or things I shouldn't miss?
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Hi, Whelk - I'll be there, too (Dec. 8th - 14th). Here are some sites I've found with Dec. '13-centric Parisian events:

Paris Perfect - December Events
Eventful : All Events in Paris Dec. 1 - 31
Time Out Paris : All Events in Paris Dec. 1 - 31
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What are your exact dates? I was in Paris for Armistice day and the place was closed up. Even Sundays are sketchy. Let alone Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day.
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Even if you're not Christian (or practicing), midnight mass on Christmas eve at one of the big churches can be a lot of fun, with excellent singing. I've done it at Saint-Sulpice in the 6th and at Saint-Eustache in the 1st. Both were a lot of fun. Get there early (10:30-11 pm) if you want to have a seat.
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When I lived in Paris, I'd pick up a copy of Pariscope every week. I used it mostly for movie times, but there are all sorts of events listed, and it's updated every week. They are available at any newsstand.
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Response by poster: Oh, dates, December 26th through Jan 7th.
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I'm hoping to check out Les Berge de Seine over the Christmas holidays. Heard a quick spot about them on the radio, and was amused by the concept.
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