Best Raspberry Pi Book for Beginners
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My 12 year old nephew has expressed interest in having a Raspberry Pi for Christmas. I have already purchased a starter kit for him, but I'd also like to get him a guide book to help him get started. He has some coding skills, but is a relative beginner. What book would be best for him?
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Best answer: What about a subscription to MagPi? I'm pretty sure back issues are available free online for subscribers, and they have lots of projects for different skill levels.
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Best answer: Anything from Make would be great. Here's a Raspberry Pi book. Double-check that it's for the version you purchased.

Point him towards the resources at Make, Adafruit and Instructables. Lots of videos and step-by-step instructions for fun projects.
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All issues of The MagPi are free online, so you can preview them to see if you like them.

There are a ton of Raspberry Pi books, not all of them great. Whatever you buy, make sure it's recent: there have been huge changes in Raspberry Pi's hardware and software over the years, and sage advice from a couple of years ago has been superseded and may even fail to work. If the book mentions the Raspberry Pi 3, it's definitely more likely to be current.
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