How to run with audiobooks while keeping pace?
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I am trying hard to become a runner, and I like to listen to audiobooks while I run so I don't get bored. But I find that I often slow down unconsciously because I'm not listening to "upbeat music" to keep me moving along at a quick pace. I have a potential solution ... somebody tell me if this is possible and/or stupid ...

I want to take the audio track of the audiobook and overlay it with a (quieter) track of a metronome sound that clicks at the pace I should be running. Then I could hear the story but also be hearing the tick-tick-tick that should match my footfalls.

Does that already exist somewhere that I just haven't found? Could I do that with GarageBand or do I need something more complicated? Is this actually a dumb idea? Is there another solution to my problem?

Appreciate any thoughts ...
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I actually came in to suggest using a metronome as background noise while you listen, before I read your idea.

Instead of trying to overlay the track, just find an app that will play simultaneously with other sound apps. There are thousands of free metronome apps, I'd suggest trial and error.
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Depending on the app, you can also speed up playback slightly that it picks up your pace but doesn't affect the recording.
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I came here to suggest you could try to speed up playback, too. For audiobooks (and for podcasts), I tend to find that 1.5x or higher feels "sped up," but that 1.25x isn't too noticeable, especially if you have a fairly sedate reader to begin with.
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when I run, I track it with an app that will interrupt the podcast I'm listening to to give me an update on running stats. The stats are configurable, and the updates can be based off of time or distance. You could configure a run tracking app to give you stats every 5 minutes, or every 1/2 mile so you get regular feedback on pacing and duration. I use MapMyRun, but it's the sort of thing I'd expect any app to be able to do.

Depending on what you mean about "trying to become a runner", it's a-ok to be a runner and run slow. In fact, if you're brand new to it, running slow is a good way to transition in and hate it less.
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