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Let's say I really liked shimmery 80s-and-early-90s-influenced  synthpop, with meticulous production and beautiful analog synths, dreamy or subdued vocals, and a hint of shoegaze inspiration, and felt like maybe the best recent examples of that were several years ago, stretching from 2004-2011. What should I be listening to these days to think, "This never went away, I just stopped paying attention?"

Examples of bands I felt did their best work in that era:
Cut Copy
Hot Chip
The Knife
Junior Boys
Bat For Lashes
Radio Dept.
Air France
I'm sure I'm forgetting some crucial stuff

Best acts of 2011-2016 that I think fit the bill:
Purity Ring
Carly Rae Jepsen (perhaps unexpectedly)
Wild Nothing (maybe?)
Craft Spells (like one album)
Cold Cave
Your recommendations here
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Response by poster: (I'm half-tempted to whip up a playlist of what I'm talking about... stay tuned I guess)
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Best answer: You've probably tried these, but just in case:
Computer Magic - Running; Fuzz; Time to Decide; Mindstate; A Million Years; Summer Vacation; etc.
Chromatics - Kill for Love; Shadow; Looking for Love; Lady; Cherry; etc.
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Response by poster: Playlist
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I Break Horses
School of Seven Bells (although that's more dreampop than synthpop)

Although I think you're right, the trend does seem to have faded in the last couple of years.
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You appear to be much deeper into this scene than I am so you probably already know about The 1975 but it was the first thing that popped into my head, so just in case...
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Best answer: If you like M83 you should check out The White Sea, a solo project of one band member.
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Haerts are like this. You might also check out things categorized as chillwave.
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Best answer: Check out Lust for Youth
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Not sure I'm quite hitting the right stylistic mark here, but in terms of 2015-16 releases:

Jagwa Ma, Slipping.
Yeasayer, I Am Chemistry.
Django Django, Reflections.
Gwenno, Patriarchaeth.
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Best answer: Just a few more:
Bear In Heaven
Echo Lake
Memory Tapes
Summer Heart
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It's been months since I've been on MeFi, and I've been delving deep into a bevy of bands. Bless this question, honestly. If you want some good tunes in these veins, message me – I have so many Spotify playlists with so many lil gems.
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