Help me fill the void left by my amazing yoga teacher
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My favourite yoga teacher is leaving soon. Help me find a non-woo, empowering, calming practice I can do at home instead.

Four months ago, during a deep personal crisis, I started going to a weekly Yin yoga class. In the time since, it's become a massive spiritual nourishment for me, and I look forward to it every week, specifically because of the teacher. Each week as we hold the poses she delivers a beautiful talk, set to calm piano music, on a topic like compassion, love, trust, etc.

Well, I just found out the teacher is moving overseas very soon. Can you help me put together a home practice that helps in a similar way?

What I'm looking for
- Either a set of guided meditations, lectures, readings, books, or Yin yoga classes (with talk). I'm specifically looking for a series so I don't have to repeat (and can mimic the experience of a new session every week).
- Something that addresses anxiety, courage, love, strength, compassion, and similar topics.
- Maybe this is a podcast?
- Religious themes are ok; I'm secular, but very interested in different faiths.
- I'm more than happy to pay for this.

What I really don't want
- Nature sounds, chimes, very slow speaking. I find that very distracting.
- Something that's mainly focused on the physical aspects of yoga. I have a subscription for a great yoga video service already.
- A mindfulness meditation app. I use (and love!) Headspace; I'm looking for something more thought-provoking.

I'm having a really hard time wording this question, because I don't know much about any of this (and so don't really know what to ask for) and because this is so, so important to me. Asking the teacher for recommendations is, unfortunately, not an option.
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Best answer: Tara Brach's weekly talks and meditations are incredibly nurturing, funny and thoughtful. No woo!
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Best answer: Have you listened to the On Being podcasts?
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Best answer: Cheri Huber is wonderful. She's got many excellent books and a podcast that you can call in to.
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Best answer: Although she doesn't exclusively do yin yoga, I've found many of the Yoga With Adriene videos to provide the same kind of calming, spiritually enriching sensation you describe. There are videos to help improve specific states of mind (yoga for anxiety, yoga for stress) as well as some more energetic practices (yoga for productivity and focus, "no fear" yoga). There are at least two yin videos on her channel, and I haven't explored the entire catalog so there might be even more. I've been using her videos for about a year now and am constantly amazed that they're free. Highly recommend.
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There's an app called Yoga Studio that lets you do a simple practice of your choice using your phone. It's no-frills and non-woo, well produced and clean looking. The app icon is white with a pink/green flower.
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I use Yoga studio - it works well, and I've incorporated the shorter sessions into my daily routine. I think they also have a companion meditation app, thought I haven't tried it.
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