Foreign Language Pen Pals
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I am learning a foreign language and am looking for an old-fashioned pen pal who lives in another country to exchange letters with! What is a good service to use to find the pen pal of my dreams? Preferably free, but I would not mind paying for a high-quality pen pal service. I am looking for a snail mail, not email, exchange. Please note I am an adult and would like my pen pal to be around my age as well.
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If there is a cultural center for the appropriate locality/language (e.g. the Alliance Fran├žaise), try calling them for advice.
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International Pen Friends, where I got my high school French pen pal 35 years ago (we still keep in touch), is still going strong.
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A friend recommends Global Penfriends as a possible place to look for foreign language pen pals.
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Here are some sites I have saved:

the Japanese PO runs a pen pal matching service
this is not just a pen pal matching site. it's a free service that facilitates all kinds of swaps. it is also where most of my penpals have come from (I have about 20 penpals)
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You could also try Dave's ESL Cafe, Penpalling and Letters FB group, and Penpal of the Week (blog).
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reddit penpals and reddit penpalsover30
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FPN has a long ongoing Snail Mail writing list that I've gotten decent replies from over the years. I've tried Reddit Penpals but haven't had much luck other 2-3 letters.
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It might be interesting to search around italki.
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