Looking for Trump quotes and contradictions that define Trump
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I am putting together a hybrid fiction/factual piece on Trump. Although there are many sites that collect his lies, his outrageous statements, etc. I am looking for those quotes that most define him. Particulars inside.

I'm not interested in more complicated arguments. For example, why the Pepe the frog meme is fascist. Or, this is a Trump lie, let me explain all the reasons why it is a lie. I prefer the Putin variety, where he is on the record saying contradictory things, I spoke to Putin, I never spoke to Putin. Clear, concise contradictions work or something that is so obviously a lie as to demonstrate that for itself. I want Trump destroying himself.

Along the above lines, I'm more interested in short jabs than in complex arguments.

I want things that will mostly stand up out of context. By that I mean, I have no problems linking to the context, but I want the excerpt to reflect the context rather than the context being needed to understand the excerpt.

I am particularly interested in short statements of philosophy or aphorisms that sum up his character. For example, when he says, "you can never be too greedy," or "Women, you have to treat them like shit," or "Get even with people. If they screw you, screw them back ten times as hard."

I seem to recall some quote that he made regarding the importance of a hedonistic life. (Not using the word hedonism, though) I would like to find that quote (if it exists).

Searching this topic, I kept running into beauty queens and contestants of whom he has dissed, lied about, and groped. Some examples include: Alicia Machado, Jennifer Hawkins, Temple Taggart, walking in the backroom of beauty pageants (I may not have all of these incidents), and declaring he had a right to do this. This theme is likely going to be a part in what I'm writing and if there are examples I've missed, I'd like to know.

I would like to have each quote referenced to a reliable source or if possible to a video or audio file.

Thanks in advance.
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The Politifact file on Trump has several hundred statements by Trump, which they have rated by truthfulness. He has 113 "false" and 57 "pants on fire" (super false) entries. You can browse those individually to see which ones match your criteria:


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I've already witnessed people dismissing politfact fact-checking as “just some website's opinion” so YMMV on that.

I think the Cracked vid (sourced and all) in which he's with her is pretty telling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67hVjTu5HKI
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I am particularly interested in short statements of philosophy or aphorisms that sum up his character.

This one from September stands out:

"You have 40 days until the election. You have 40 days to make every dream you ever dreamed for your country come true." - Trump
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I will say this. Reading through so much Trump to prepare my piece is like staring down some Nietzsche void.
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I finished the piece. No idea whether it worked. A lot of energy went into it. Thanks. I used some from the pants on fire.
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