YouTube channels that will inspire my 3-year-old daughter to make stuff
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My 3-year-old daughter loves the Nerdy Nummies YouTube channel. It's a baking show with a bubbly host who makes a different pop-culture themed treat every week. I like that she is watching a show about a real person making stuff (instead of yet another cartoon), and it even inspires us to do projects in real life. I am looking for recommendations for similar shows, but for other types of projects she would like, such as papercrafts or painting.

The projects don't have to be simple enough for a child to do on their own, just something she will enjoy watching and will find inspiring. Bonus points if the videos are fun for adults to watch too!
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Best answer: I really like the painting/drawing videos by Kendyll Hillegas. She's a young freelance food illustrator working mostly in coloured pencil who makes clear friendly how-to's. They're fun to watch, and drawing your food is fun and accessible (she can draw the things she bakes!).

She also talks a bit about the kinds of projects she's working on, like illustrating a magazine article or a video game, which could lead to different projects (illustrating a story, a game, a puzzle, a diorama...).

I bet you could find some stuff from Lisa Congdon or Kerri Smith (Wreck this Journal) too.
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Best answer: I really enjoy How to Cook That for desserts (some really unusual fun ones!)

I also think polymer clay tutorials could be really fun (I watch them all the time to relax and get ideas). Sugar Charm Shop does insanely detailed miniatures

Polymomotea, CoolRiceBunnies, and puddingfishcakes all make really cute things, mostly clay but sometimes they do other materials. I especially like that the sound quality is overall pretty good - a lot of DIY videos are badly lit and miked and it drives me batty!
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Best answer: Miniature Space makes REAL FOOD in an ultra tiny kitchen.

Yolanda Meow makes tiny barbie-scale accessories.

Bonobos25 makes a lot of sweet treats and DIY kit desserts.
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Zoom- the kids show is on you tube. Kids making stuff.
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Definitely Colin Furze ;)
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Best answer: My daughter loves My Froggy Stuff - how to make incredible dollhouses, furniture and utensils from essentially rubbish (and some glue and paint).
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