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I'm trying to create a poll on my website.

I don't want to link to surveymonkey. I have created the poll in Dreamweaver. However, how do I set the submit button to show the results?
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You've written an HTML form, which is static - that is, it doesn't do anything. It just displays in the web browser.

When your user hits submit, the contents of the form is sent back to your web server. What you need is a piece of software that receives the form, collates the results for many users, stores them someplace, and displays them on request.

Lots of variables here, so lets start with who's your hosting provider, and what kind of account do you have? Someone might be able to help you with that information.
posted by Leon at 3:47 PM on January 5, 2006

Response by poster: OK, I'm doing this for the public library. The server is internal.
posted by madmath at 3:49 PM on January 5, 2006

What's the server? Apache? IIS?
posted by Leon at 4:03 PM on January 5, 2006

just throwing this out there, you could use the ajax plugin Democracy. It's a wordpress plugin but it's just a php function, so if you're familiar enough with basic php you should be able to work it out. It's the simplest and cleanest poll i've used.

Sorry if this was unhelpful but if this could work from you it would be very simple to implement.
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Best answer: how about dpolls.com ?
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Response by poster: Dpolls is the best!
posted by madmath at 2:17 PM on January 10, 2006

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