Experience with 35mm negative scanning services?
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I have negatives from ten rolls of 35mm color film (about 240 pictures total) that I'd like to get scanned. Has anyone had any experience with companies that do this sort of scanning? Any to recommend or avoid?

Two that I'm looking at are Memories Renewed and BritePix, but all I have to think well of them is their reasonably designed websites and reasonable-looking prices.
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I've always used Procolor in Minneapolis. I've never ever had a problem with them.
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jimw -- There's a lot of variation in regards to quality out there -- are you looking for high-quality, fit to print scans or simple "give me a JPG to keep" scans?
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I'm looking for this as well in lieu of buying a slide scanner. I've been tempted to try britepix and probably will now that this thread exists. I'll report back.
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Believe it or not, you may be able to do this yourself at some Walgreens & have the scans saved to disk for the price of the CD
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Response by poster: i don't expect to do any prints, and certainly not anything above 8x10. from what i've seen of the services, i would probably not be shelling out for the clean-up-every-image-by-hand sort of scan, since i can do that sort of cleanup myself if i ever decide some of the pictures need it.
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Response by poster: to follow up, i ended up using memories renewed, and am happy with the scans they did.

some of the pictures i had scanned.
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