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I only use facebook and twitter via a web browser. Recently I've noticed that certain posts have a larger font than others. Whats going on????!!! Here's another example from Twitter.

Currently I'm using an old version of Ubuntu at work but it looks the same on Windows 10 at home.
I think this is a recent change, anyone know why?
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On Facebook it's a recent change. Posts with under a number of characters will use a smaller font.
I never got how that happened with Twitter. Thought it was something to do with interactions or whatever, but seems not.
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With Twitter, at least, larger type size = more likes. Not sure about Facebook.
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Oh, I rarely use twitter, mostly just to follow links from MeFi, that explains Twitter.
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According to this blog post I found googling around, it's part of facebook's ongoing process of revamping text-only posts.
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This started bugging me a few weeks ago on Facebook, so I tested. If a status update is at least 85 characters, it will go back to a non-obnoxious font size. At least until Facebook changes it again.
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