Montage of trying to teach someone something
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Looking for a montage (maybe Simpson's?) where a group of people are trying to teach someone something and have to keep going backwards to a more and more simple idea because the student doesn't get it. The joke is that they have to go back pretty far, like to something incredibly basic that apparently the student doesn't know in order to move forward.

This is what I'm picturing Trump's transition time being like, and can't get the idea of this montage out of my head. Like, I assume they'll have to teach him about the three branches of government and what/where the 50 states are.
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Best answer: Homer learns marketing.
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Homer's Triple Bypass
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Homer Thompson
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Came here to say Homer Thompson. ROTFL, thank you for the laugh I needed today! "Hello, Mr. Thompson! ..." the blank, blank look on Homer's face is what makes it and is priceless.
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Sort of in that vein
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Best answer: Oscar teaches Michael what a surplus is.
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Response by poster: I think the marketing montage is the one I was thinking of, but the Michael Scott example seems most analogous to how I picture Trump in training. (Homer Thompson is perfection. "I think he's talking to you..."). Thanks for the smiles!
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If you're putting together a Simpsons montage, here's another good one: And put your garbage in a garbage can, people, I can't stress that enough.
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There's also a scene in Game Change where the campaign team realizes they have to teach Sarah Palin basically the entirety of history and government before they can let her near the press again.

That one's less funny, but probably more actual real life to the Trump situation.
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