What should we name our rescue orginization
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Were looking to officially and legally start a rescue organization for mainly dogs. Cats may be in the picture in the future, but this group will mainly focus on hard to adopt dogs, such as older dogs, dogs with medical issues and mothers with their pups that have been dumped. These are all selected from high kill shelters from the South and transported to the East Coast. So, were looking for an official name for the paperwork that sounds like us and sounds credible, but not insanely saccharine.

Here are a few more details.
It should roll off the tongue, and be easy enough for people to write a check out to.
Sound credible
Not be city/ market specific, however most come from Texas and Kentucky.
These are dogs that are quite literally pulled from a scheduled euthanasia.
Some top contenders, but were taken already were:
Tails of freedom
11th Hour
Halfway Home
Tailroad crossings, this was derived after my attempt in using the Underground Tailroad, which is very politically incorrect, however, I bring it up because thats how it feels, there is a urgent need and a chain of volunteers that pick up, foster/ vet the dog, transport, foster again until adoption. So, that the feeling I want to convey without the slavery comparison...

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Second Chance
Coming Home
Extra Mile
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Homeward Bound
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Basket of Adorables
Best Friend Finders
Fur the Long Haul
Pup With People
Best Friends In Need
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Atlantic animal rescue
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Old Dogs, New Tricks
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Summer Love Animal Rescue

Relay Animal Rescue

Northbound Animal Rescue
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I volunteer in animal rescue. May i suggest that you think simple. Maybe go with the name or nickname of your town or region plus "animal rescue" or somesuch. There are so many silly names and acronyms in the rescue world. You'll stand out more if your name isn't so twee. (I literally can think of 6 separate orgs i transport for who's names are acronyms of bark or adopt or paw.)
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Seconding Second Chance (Dogs/Pets). And good on ya. A 7 y/o Cocker Spaniel just join my mom, two happy old ladies now.
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Fostering Hope
Rescued Rascals
[Name of 1st dog rescued/dog that is special to founders]'s Hope: Annie's Hope Animal Rescue, Baxter's Hope Animal Rescue, etc...
Forever Yours (Furrever Yours, if you want to incite roll-eyes)
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A ton of the suggested names are already taken, at least one by a former shady place that you don't want to be associated with. Others are just really well known, Second Chance Rescue is a huge and long established entity with a big social media following, for example. I'd go with a local name no on else has as suggested above just for simplicity and so people can find you on Facebook or pet finder.
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No Bad Dogs
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@fshgrl, you are so right, so many are taken already by 501(C)3's and the other are just shady organizations. I just didn't want to make it a name of my town or state, if I end up moving out of State and now am stuck with something localized, but I think you guys sparked some thoughts and I really appreciate it. Simplicity is key.
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inspired by answergrape above, Homeward Bound Hounds
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If you move out of state, maybe you'll have laid the groundwork for this organization to continue after you leave. Then you can start a new organization, with a new name, in your next home.

This is hard to do, but it's exactly what happened with Independent Animal Rescue here in NC. The founder had to move to FL to be with her ailing father, but a core of dedicated and very smart volunteers has kept the organization going for many years.
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