Give me your tired, your hungry, your 2008 Club Bangers
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For my election night celebration (TTTCS) I'm looking for the hottest, most rare choice indie electro club bangers of 2008.

In 2008 I was at a hell of an election party in Washington DC. As it looked more and more like Obama was going to win, the club got totally insane, then when he did win, everyone spilled out onto the street, joined with other parties, climbed onto cars and streetlights, and shut down the city all with very very 2008 Indie Club music banging. I want to recreate that with a super cheesy Spotify mix of 2008s freshest Electro and Indie Dance music.

It doesn't have to be something released in 2008, just something that could have been legitimately played at a wild party on election night in 2008. The Rapture? Of course. The Ting Tings? 100%. CSS? Got it. DJ Assault? Very very likely. The Juan McLean? Signs point to yes. Some kinda RAC remix of a mediocre Britpop band? Love it. LCD SS? I guess. Le Tigre? Eh probably not.

Spotify Links appreciated but not necessary. Oh and no mashups please.

Thanks in advance this is very important to the insane party goers this year: My wife and our sleeping children.
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Datarock's "Fa-Fa-Fa"
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How about a little Matt & Kim?
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Thanks pxe! Specific track suggestions?
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Here's some of whatever we were calling synthwave/retrowave eight years ago:

College - Teenage Color
Anoraak - Nightdrive With You
Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive
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Also (and I can't name any tracks unfort.) M.I.A. and MGMT.
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My first thought was "hmm, some of those are not very 2008!"

Justice ("D.A.N.C.E.")
Hot Chip ("Ready for the Floor")
Cut Copy ("Lights and Music")
Spank Rock (idk whatever)
MGMT ("Kids", "Electric Feel")
The Knife "Marble House" (really one of a zillion remixes here would be good)
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the 2008-centric MIA track would probably be "Paper Planes"
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Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip's Thou Shalt Always Kill is from 2008.
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(okay the actual single was from 2007, but the album was 2008. I dunno when it ran out of steam)
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From the dancier or at least "jump up and down" stuff I have on mp3 from 2007 and 2008...

Battles - Atlas
Black Lips - O Katrina!
Chrome Hoof - Tonyte
Spoon - You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor
Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
Maps - You Don't Know Her Name
of Montreal - Gronlandic Edit
Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have To Leave It
Farah - Law of Life

Crystal Castles - Crimewave
M83 - Graveyard Girl
Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy
Moby - Ooh Yeah
Neon Neon - I Lust U
Stereolab - Pop Molecule (Molecular Pop 1)
Liquid Liquid - Cavern (huge LCD influence; compilation issued in 2008)

I could also whip a darkest timeline playlist. After all, Year Zero and Elegies to Lessons Learnt were released in 2007.
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When you finish, can you post the playlist here? I'd love to see it in final form
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Big yes to the super-harsh French electro stuff mentioned above that was huge (at least here in L.A.) that year. There was still a lot of bleedover from 2007, because some of those tracks hung around foreverrrr. My list would also include:

A-Trak - Say Whoa
Boys Noize - & Down
David Rubato - Circuit
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
Jokers of the Scene - Acidrod (Brodinski Remix)
Midnight Juggernauts - Tombstone
Mr. Oizo - Steroids (feat. Uffie) (Mr. Oizo Remix)
Plugs - That Number (Yuksek Remix)
The Presets - My People (D.I.M. Remix)
SebastiAn - Walkman (Re-Edit)
ZZT - Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix)
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My god thank you all so much. All these suggestions are on point and reminded me of so many other tracks of the era. This is the result. Please crank it up loud and drink a case of Sparks for me.
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