My son ruins shoes. What are the most ruin-resistant high-tops for him?
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My 8 year old son has some foot issues...his feet/ankles pronate inward. Between his OT and his podiatrist, we've been told to get him anti-pronation inserts and high top sneakers for ankle support. The inserts were easy to get...the high tops are not as simple. We're looking for recommendations!

We got him his first pair of high-tops and the heels were worn down within two months, and already need to be replaced. His OT has said that he'll just be a kid that wears his shoes out before he outgrows them, and that we need to stay on top of replacing them. I don't want to buy a new pair of sneakers every other month, so I'm looking for recommendations.
Can you recommend a pair of sneakers that:

1. Are high tops, and provide plenty of ankle support

2. Have tough soles that will wear well

3. Provide the best quality for the cost

We bought a new pair of insoles in hopes that they would correct his feet a bit more, but I'm hoping that better quality sneakers will help too.
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I know someone with similar foot problems who wears hiking boots. The soles are probably tougher than those of sneakers.
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I have a similar tendency to wear down heels, and I've had decent results with Palladium. Comfy and relatively cheap as well.
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My daughter just tried on a pair of high top boots from Timberlake that check all your boxes if you can get them on sale. They have quite a decent kids range of boots and she said they were comfortable. She's almost five with big feet and very fussy about shoes.
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I understand your frustration with buying new shoes every 2-3 months, but regardless of his orthotics and pronation, you may need to face the fact that from this age to about 13, we all buy our kids shoes every 2-3 months...

That being said, the high-top "sneakers" are generally going to be basketball shoes that are going to be fairly expensive.
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No specific recommendation but Zappos has recently begun selling kids shoes. While the regular site is quite pricey, you might check to see if they are offering any of the above recommended brands on their clearance site,
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I've been buying Keen brand shoes for my 7 year old boy for a few years now and have been really impressed with their durability (I am loathe to spend money on clothes, but this is the one thing I do!) They have a couple higher-top kinds--Encanto Wesley, Koven Mid, Oakridge Mid, etc. Some of these are more hiking boot style than sneakers.
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I destroy shoes, and the longest lasting shoes i've ever owned were doc martins.

The old style chunky soled ones, not the new ones with slim soles(which really seem to be made like crap honestly). I literally still have a pair from high school, and i'm in my late 20s. I wore them non stop throughout college and after.

When i was younger, i had similarly styled skechers boots that lasted so long that... my dad now wears them.

tl;dr try chunky boots
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If his feet are relatively slow-growing, you can consider hiking boots which last forever. My SO wears the same pair of low-top hiking sneakers every day in the winter for years on end. But be prepared to pay $200 per pair, which may not be worth it for a kid.
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