What is smop.?
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Someone put a sticker in the elevator lobby of my building that says "smop." with three lines above it (picture under the fold). Today I saw someone wearing a shirt with the same logo and words. What on earth does it mean? I am at a tech school in Atlanta, GA.

Image here. Quite honestly, it makes me crack up whenever I see it. A cursory Google search reveals nothing. Urban Dictionary thinks it's "sucking my own penis", which doesn't seem right. Is this some kind of startup? An indie band? A club for people who like sucking their own penises? Something else entirely? I am at my wit's end.
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"Small Matter of Programming" is how I have interpreted it in the past; it's a pointy-hair manager's phrase for when he asks for something that's going to be a massive headache to implement.

For other possibilities, see here.
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I tried a reverse google image search which didn't turn up anything useful. In addition to Chocolate Pickle's alternate acronym definition, it apparently is used as an abbreviation for a program that converts matlab to python; apparently, in this context it stands for Small Matlab and Octave to Python compiler. (I know nothing about programming so I'm probably butchering this explanation.)
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Response by poster: Not to threadsit, but I did some initial searching and found the "small matter of programming" and Matlab explanations. However, I fail to see how that corresponds to a logo or something someone might wear on a shirt.
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Upside down it says "dows" with a smiley face. That doesn't answer your question, but it's a fact.
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Small Opera company of Atlanta?
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The top part is very like i-ching iconograpy. If you co soldered the text row below to be a straight line you would have a trigram... I've got nothing.
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smooth operator (?)
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For what it's worth, a google search for "smop shirt" turns up this Secret Make Out Party shirt.

And if you turn the picture you posted upside down, it kind of looks like a face with a prominent mouth.

OK, it's an incredible reach but I figured I'd throw it into the mix.
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Ooh! Update! I just googled "SMOP Atlanta" and found the Small Opera Company. Nothing on their page looks like the logo you found but I think it's promising. You could contact them via their Facebook page and ask if it's them.
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A very unlikely answer, but here is a short-lived tumblr full of someone writing "SMOP" in various public places, likely tied to an equally short-lived Portuguese band on (NSFW album cover) bandcamp
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Could the lines be long short short? As in a beep code? Like a video issue? Or an unable to start up issue?
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In a tech school, the obvious reference would be to the phrase “a simple / small matter of programming”. Usually used in a heavily sarcastic / ironic fashion in conversation between programmers, acknowledging between peers that there’s no such thing as a simple matter of programming - every program is a fresh opportunity for the programmer to discover horrible gotchas that have to be wrestled with before their code has a hope of working.

See also: “No plan survives contact with the enemy”.

But it might be something else. Do let us know :)
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I always heard this a "simple matter of programming". w a different connotation than @pharm's. the way we mean it in my company is, it's not a particularly difficult problem to solve, it would just take some time to build. Not sure about the logo though.
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